How to Use Music Cleanup

Music Cleanup help you intelligently tidy your iTunes library and local music library by deleting song duplicates and filling missing and mislabeled music info including artist, album, song name, genre, year, album art, and etc.

To get started, download and install Music Cleanup on your Windows computer.

Step 1. Import Your Music Library

Music Cleanup has 2 music cleanup modes:

Step 2. Complete Music Information

It works the same under "iTunes Music Clean" and "Local Music Clean" and we will take "iTunes Music Clean" as an example.

After a while, Music Cleanup will show you all songs in your iTunes library and filter undefined songs and duplicate songs.

Select "Undefined Songs" on the left and you can view all the undefined music in the thumbnail form or in the tabular form. Choose one song and its information will be shown on the right column. You can fill the music information in 2 ways: let Music Cleanup help you automatically, or you do it manually for full customization.

Step 3. Remove Duplicated Songs

Select "Duplicates" on the left. You will see all duplicated songs and the number of the copies in the file tray. Choose one song and all files of the same music will be shown in the right column. Usually the music file with higher quality will be put a tick and the lower quality a cross. Click "Clear Duplicate" to remove the songs to trash. Select "Clear All Duplicate" to delete all the duplicates for this song.

remove itunes duplicates

Music Cleanup is worth a try. Take a look through our simple walkthrough above and download it right now.

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